Advanced Concepts

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Angular Developer Skills,Tools, Responsibilities Best Practices

Advanced Concepts (41-60)

  1. Explain the concept of Zones in Angular.
  2. How do you use RxJS operators in Angular services?
  3. Describe the process of server-side rendering with Angular Universal.
  4. What are Angular libraries and how do you create one?
  5. How do you implement feature modules in Angular?
  6. What is the difference between BehaviorSubject and Subject in RxJS?
  7. How do you optimize Angular’s change detection?
  8. Explain how to use web workers in Angular.
  9. What are Angular elements and how do you use them?
  10. How do you implement global error handling in Angular?
  11. Discuss the strategies for internationalization in Angular.
  12. What is the Ivy renderer in Angular and what are its benefits?
  13. How do you upgrade an Angular application from an older version to the latest version?
  14. Describe the process of custom validator creation in Angular forms.
  15. How do you implement animations in Angular?
  16. What is dependency injection token in Angular and how is it used?
  17. Explain the use of schematics in Angular.
  18. What are the best practices for securing Angular applications against XSS attacks?
  19. How do you implement lazy-loaded modules in Angular?
  20. Discuss the use of service workers in Angular applications for creating progressive web apps (PWAs).

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