Best Practices & Patterns

Best Practices & Patterns (81-100) What are the best practices for structuring Angular applications? How do you handle configuration and environment-specific settings in Angular? Discuss the Singleton pattern in Angular. What are some anti-patterns in Angular development? How do you manage subscriptions in Angular components? What are the best practices for using RxJS in Angular? … Read more

Testing & Debugging

Testing & Debugging (61-80) How do you test Angular components? What is TestBed in Angular testing? How do you mock services in Angular tests? Explain how to use Jasmine and Karma for unit testing in Angular. What are the best practices for end-to-end testing in Angular applications? How do you debug Angular applications in the … Read more

Advanced Concepts

Advanced Concepts (41-60) Explain the concept of Zones in Angular. How do you use RxJS operators in Angular services? Describe the process of server-side rendering with Angular Universal. What are Angular libraries and how do you create one? How do you implement feature modules in Angular? What is the difference between BehaviorSubject and Subject in … Read more

Intermediate Concepts

Intermediate Concepts (21-40) Explain lazy loading in Angular. What is the Angular HttpClient and how do you use it for HTTP requests? Describe how to create and use interceptors in Angular. How do you manage state in an Angular application? What are guards in Angular routing and how are they used? Explain the role of … Read more

Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts (1-20) What is Angular and why is it used? Explain the architecture of Angular applications. What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular? Describe components in Angular. What is the role of modules in Angular. How does data binding work in Angular? What are templates in Angular? Explain directives in Angular. Can you … Read more

Angular Programmer

Angular Developer Skills,Tools, Responsibilities Best Practices

Transforming the challenges into opportunities: What Should an Angular Developer Know? Skills ¬†JavaScript TypeScript HTML/CSS Angular Framework Tools Visual Studio Code Angular CLI Responsibilities Collaborate with backend developers Best Practices Following the Angular style guide for code consistency. Implementing lazy loading for optimizing performance. Use of Angular CLI for project scaffolding and management Modular code … Read more