eBook: Concepts of Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

eBook: Concepts of Yesterday of Today And Tomorrow

YESTERDAY, refers to the day that has just passed.
It’s our most recent point of reference for the past. When we talk about “yesterday,” we’re looking back at events, decisions, and experiences that have already happened. It’s a fixed point in time that we can learn from or reminisce about. For example, if today is Wednesday, then yesterday was Tuesday. It’s a reminder of our actions, achievements, and perhaps the mistakes we made, offering us lessons and memories.

TODAY is the present day.
It’s the moment we are living right now, the current point in time that we experience directly. When we speak of “today,” we’re referring to the opportunities, challenges, and experiences that are available to us right now. It’s our chance to act, make decisions, and influence the course of our lives. Today is significant because it’s the only time we have direct control over. We can choose to take action, rest, or prepare for what’s coming next. It’s a reminder to be present, mindful, and engaged with our current experiences.

TOMORROW represents the future,
specifically the day that follows today. It’s a concept filled with potential, plans, and possibilities. When we talk about “tomorrow,” we’re looking ahead, thinking about what we want to achieve, how we plan to overcome challenges, or simply what we hope will happen. It’s a symbol of hope, planning, and anticipation. For instance, if today is Wednesday, tomorrow will be Thursday. It’s a reminder that the future holds opportunities for change, growth, and new experiences.


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