Social Networking: Dos and Don’ts

Social Networking: Dos and Don’ts:

Social Networking is crucial for career growth and building relationships. It involves connecting with people professionally and building rapport, but there are certain things to do and avoid for optimal results.

The article “Networking Dos and Don’ts” on provides a comprehensive guide for professionals looking to enhance their networking skills. It emphasizes the importance of networking in career development and offers practical advice on how to approach networking opportunities. Key dos include being genuine, prepared, and attentive when engaging with others, as well as following up after meetings to maintain relationships. The article also highlights the value of giving more than receiving, suggesting that professionals should offer assistance and share knowledge without expecting immediate returns.

On the flip side, the article outlines several don’ts to avoid common networking pitfalls. It advises against being overly aggressive, insincere, or solely self-focused, which can turn potential connections away. Other don’ts include neglecting to listen actively, failing to follow up, and forgetting to express gratitude. By adhering to these guidelines, professionals can build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships that support their career growth and professional development.

Networking Dos and Don'ts

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